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Public Consultation on Homestead View Link Road

Homestead view event

A public consultation on proposals for the Homestead View Link Road took place in December 2021 to allow local residents to share their views.

Homes England is preparing a planning application to create a new link road in the Dunchurch area to support the planned development of the South West Rugby Urban Extension.

This new link will help to ease traffic through the area as it grows and includes a significant landscaped corridor that offers a positive opportunity for people to come together and access open space, the great outdoors, and nature in lots of different ways.

The scheme is lead by Homes England, and the consultation opened in December 2021 and ran until 7th January 2022.

Local residents were invited to find out about the plans and to help shape the future design of the landscape corridor at a public engagement event held at Dunchurch Village Hall on 3rd December 2021. Plans and information on the proposals were available to view at the event, and a virtual version of the exhibition was also created to allow people to view the information online.

The event was well attended, and Homes England elected to extend the online consultation to stay live until January to allow as many people as possible the chance to view the information and have their say.

Links to the exhibition boards and consultation information can be found on our Engagement page

Share your views

As we deliver our plans for Homestead View, we want to ensure that we continue to engage with local people and are aware of their views and any issues raised.

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