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Newsletter: Homestead View Site Investigations Begin

Homes England has procured a package of site investigation works to provide ground conditions information for the Homestead View development and Homestead Link Road proposals.  Arcadis is the appointed consultant managing these works for Homes England, and will have a presence in the area between 8th – 30th March 2022.

The results from the investigations will help inform proposed drainage and earthworks strategies as well as detailed design information for the Homestead Link Road. Please note that these site investigations are separate to any proposed works on the Homestead Link Road itself which will not commence until a planning application has been submitted and determined by the local planning authority.

Please refer to the above site plan and find high level works schedule below:

* Pre-conditioning surveys involving site walkovers and visual inspections 8th – 11th March

* Site investigations involving a series of trial holes commence on 14th March and are complete on 25th March

* Highways preparation works for the site investigations will take place on 17th – 18th March (Stop and Go signs on Coventry Road, Northampton Lane, Cawston Lane, Alwyn Road and A426)

* Highways site investigations scheduled on 24th – 30th March (Temporary traffic lights on Coventry Road, Northampton Lane, Cawston Lane, Alwyn Road and A426)

Image: Grey shading highlights areas of Homestead View that are to be included in site investigations.

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