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Newsletter: Homes England Submit Planning Application for the Homestead Link Road

Homes England have now submitted a planning application to Rugby Borough Council seeking approval for the Homestead Link Road (HLR) where it will be considered over the coming months.

The HLR is a single carriageway road that forms a critical element of highway infrastructure aimed to improve transport links, reduce journey times and help relieve existing congestion in Dunchurch village whilst enabling the future delivery of new housing on an allocated site in South West Rugby.

As part of the Local Plan process existing highway capacity issues within the local area were identified, particularly at Dunchurch crossroads and therefore any new housing development would need to implement key mitigation measures early on.

Along the length of the HLR will be a dedicated 2m footway and 3m cycleway access along the length to encourage more sustainable travel, along with safe crossing points including a “Pegasus Crossing” especially designed for pedestrians and horses.

The application includes a sizable landscape scheme that has been developed in response to the existing landscape features and to ensure there is green buffer between the village of Dunchurch and Rugby.

The landscaping proposals aim to enhance biodiversity through the inclusion of new habitats including the provision of several wildlife ponds and also to safeguard the long-term habitat used by existing wildlife between Cock Robin Wood and Cawston Spinney.

The HLR has been designed to current highway design standards and has incorporated key criteria required from both Warwickshire County Council and Rugby Borough Council.

To learn more about the submission, please click here

The planning application reference number is R22/0928 and anyone wishing to make any observations can do this on-line up to 22nd October 2022.

A consultation took place in December 2021 for the Homestead Link Road.

Please find the PDF consultation boards ready for download, here.

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