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Community Design Event Broadsheet

Thursday 6th July – Saturday 8th July

The Community Design Event gave the local community the opportunity to share local knowledge and help shape the new Vision for Homestead View through facilitated workshops and hands-on planning groups. There was also a staffed exhibition explaining the background of the site and recent work undertaken.

The boards are available to view online at:
These boards include plans which show all the locations mentioned on the broadsheet.

The event, attended by over 200 people, was run by LDA Design, Atkins, Planning for Real and Levitt Bernstein on behalf of Homes England. This was an early piece of engagement for the design team to hear local views and reflect on the feedback when starting to develop Masterplan proposals for Homes England’s land.

Feedback was collated from participants through post-it notes, drawings and comment forms. A comment form was also made available on the Homestead View website for a month, allowing those unable to attend the events to feedback.

The broadsheet gives an overview of the feedback we received at the in-person workshops held in July, and the comment forms we received in July and August 2023.

Read the broadsheet here:

Broadsheet download

Share your views

As we deliver our plans for Homestead View, we want to ensure that we continue to engage with local people and are aware of their views and any issues raised.

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